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keeping it vaguely imaginary

I've got a bad feeling about this...

29 July
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  • thestalkysims@livejournal.com
I am thestalkycop, but I didn't want to use my own journal for my Sims stuff, it's cluttered enough as it is, so I made this journal. I'm a rabid simmer, who finds it really hard not to use hacks. Hence rewarding myself with a journal for doing The Legacy Challenge.

There's a bit of swearing in this journal, but generally it's aimed at people who are old enough to have heard the words before, and people who are sensible enough not to take offence.

Mostly, this journal exists to mock my poor little legacy sims. I don't tell stories, I don't write the journal in first person from the point of view of my sim, I just sit there, commentate, and mock their stupid decisions. If that amuses or interests anyone, feel free to friend me, though I will probably only friend back if you have a sims and/or legacy journal.